Chidozie Menakaya

Career updates:

Chidozie Menakaya has recently been cast to voice the entirety of "The Brothers Grimm Stories"  You will be able to hear Menakaya's soothing voice by July 2023! Sleepy Stories can be heard on Spotify, YouTube, and Patreon. Please visit Gilden Media Productions site to learn more!


Chidozie Menakaya did press for the Documentary "Uncontrollable Minds" earlier in the year. He was asked to come back and take part in a short documentary series called "Tell Your Story" This short documentary series focuses on the importance of mental health and what we can do to improve it. This documentary is in alignment for promotional purposes of "Uncontrollable Minds" We are looking forward to seeing Menakaya's story in late May! To check it out please visit Gilden Media Productions YouTube channel!

Chidozie Menakaya has made many appearances in "The Gilden Series" He was in two episodes of season one. ("Going Viral" and "Be Better") We will be seeing him again in season two. Episode 7 "Until the End"  the episode premieres May 1st, 2023.